Increase your z/OS® Connect EE ROI

Extend the reach of z/OS® Connect to screen-based CICS applications
About the Guide:

Written like an IBM Redbook, this free guide shares how ZCEE users can leverage HB.js to extend the capabilities of ZCEE to all CICS apps.

Leverage our expertise:
We can help you get more value from your ZCEE investment by using HB.js to integrate screen-based CICS applications, and orchestrate any CICS app. It starts with no-obligation free pilot software and services to prototype access to your applications.

IBM® z/OS® Connect EE (ZCEE) is ideal for integrating COMMAREA applications, but it doesn’t support invoking screen-based (3270) CICS transactions. Nor does it support invoking multiple programs to fulfill the requirements of an API. Fortunately, the HostBridge JavaScript Engine (HB.js) pairs perfectly with ZCEE to support both of these requirements.

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