Using IBM® z/OS® Connect EE and JavaScript

For API Transformation and Implementation

Create CICS APIs for ZCEE with JavaScript

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IBM® z/OS® Connect EE (ZCEE) is ideal for integrations that invoke a single, CICS business-logic program. However, it doesn’t support invoking multiple programs to fulfill the requirements of an API, nor does it support invoking screen-based CICS transactions. Fortunately, the HostBridge JavaScript Engine (HB.js) pairs perfectly with ZCEE to support both of these requirements.

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HostBridge has for decades helped enterprises use ZCEE and other integration solutions to integrate CICS applications. We can streamline the most complex integration projects with free pilot software and services.

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Written like an IBM Redbook, this free guide shares how ZCEE users can leverage HB.js to extend the capabilities of ZCEE to all CICS apps.

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