Leverage the Legacy

HostBridge solutions let CICS apps fully participate in hybrid IT strategies through analytics, integration and orchestration, and modernization via API

Know what's driving CICS workload

Hybrid apps and automations drive an increasing share of mainframe transactions. These interactions often occur via suboptimal methods. Optimizing them is complex because their source is difficult to know. This lack of visibility leads some enterprises to unnecessarily embark on legacy re-platforming initiatives, or guess at how to optimize.

Integration analytics allow the IT group to correlate non-mainframe requests to mainframe activity and assess the operational impact. Integration analytics dashboards identify inefficient interactions, enabling optimization to improve performance and lower costs.

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Making CICS apps available as services.

Attempts to integrate legacy apps into broader, application architectures has too often been done using brittle, screen-scraping technology.

With HostBridge, developers and enterprise architects can make CICS apps available as services. This opens up a new world of possibilities for orchestrating transactions, combining data from multiple mainframe sources (CICS, DB2, VSAM) or even writing new CICS transactions in JavaScript! Non-mainframe developers can use a language they know and like to write or orchestrate access to CICS transactions, and integrate them with the cloud - or anything!


Modernize CICS apps via API.

Modernizing CICS apps usually comes down to two options: re-platform or modernize-in-place. A better option exists that is faster, cheaper, and lower risk: modernization via API.

This approach keeps core CICS business logic in place while moving the user interface to the desired platform. An API creates a service layer between the two. This modernization approach is agile, flexible, high-performing, and reliable. It also better facilitates re-platforming later, if desired.

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