We’ve been simplifying CICS integration for over two decades

Enterprises worldwide use the HostBridge zBridge™ family of products to modernize, integrate, and optimize CICS applications that participate in or integrate with hybrid or cloud environments.


What’s driving CICS workload?

Hybrid apps and automations drive an increasing share of mainframe transactions, often using suboptimal methods. Lack of visibility into the source of the workload makes optimization difficult, leading to unproductive efforts to re-platform applications or guess at how to optimize.

Integration analytics correlate non-mainframe requests to mainframe activity to assess the operational impact. Dashboards identify inefficient interactions to prioritize optimization efforts that improve performance and lower costs.


Making CICS apps available as services.

Integrating CICS apps into hybrid application architectures or with automations often relies on brittle, screen-scraping technology.

Using the HostBridge JavaScript Engine (HB.js), CICS apps become available as callable services, letting you easily integrate core mainframe apps with hybrid apps, orchestrate complex transaction sequences, or fetch data from multiple mainframe sources (CICS, DB2, VSAM) via an API. No changes to mainframe applications are required!


Modernize CICS apps via API.

Several modernization strategies exist that vary significantly in terms of risk, cost, and project duration. Legacy modernization via API lowers costs and risks while completing faster.

This approach keeps core CICS business logic in place while moving the user interface to the desired platform. An API creates a service layer between the two. This modernization approach is agile, flexible, high-performing, and reliable. It also better facilitates re-platforming later, if desired.

We bridge the gap between your mainframe and the hybrid cloud.