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IBM mainframes drive global commerce.
With HostBridge, they can fully participate in the API economy as the most powerful server in the cloud-era

No app is an island

Vast amounts of valuable data remains captive behind legacy, green-screen applications, on an island of inaccessibility. Organizations often consider migrating these applications to make this captive data available to cloud or distributed applications.

HostBridge provides a better alternative that requires no changes to legacy application code: re-engineering them as CICS or mainframe web services. This agile approach immediately lets these legacy applications become full participants in the world of modern interoperability, while avoiding the expense and effort of migration.


Teaching Old Apps New Tricks.

Attempts to integrate legacy apps into broader, application architectures has too often been done using brittle, screen-scraping technology.

With HostBridge, a developer or enterprise architect can invoke CICS programs using JavaScript, opening up a new world of possibilities for orchestrating access to apps, combining data from multiple mainframe sources – CICS, DB2, VSAM – or even writing new CICS transactions in JavaScript! Non-mainframe developers can use a language they know and like to write or orchestrate access to CICS transactions, and integrate them with the cloud – or anything!


Migrating legacy apps from point A to point B.

When organizations have requirements to migrate applications off the mainframe,these projects often bog down when they involve migrating complex, display and application logic.

HostBridge can accelerate these projects by letting you create durable and high-performing integrations that do not rely on screen scraping technology. Whether your migration needs are short-term tactical or long-term and strategic, HostBridge provides multiple approaches that are fast and easy to deploy.

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