Until recently, Redis ran on every known computing platform and operating system except one: the IBM mainframe under z/OS. HostBridge Redis for z/OS was developed to cover this “last mile” between the off-host universe of Redis and the mainframe. You can now put Redis on the mainframe. It’s easy, and for the 32-bit version, it’s free.

There are some applications for which Redis on the mainframe seems ideal. Many mainframe and/or CICS shops regularly stage data out of the mainframe onto some distributed platform. Staged mainframe data is often what cloud or mobile applications access. Putting Redis on the mainframe could dramatically simplify this staging of data and provide performance advantages as well.

Here is a clip of the presentation HostBridge CEO Russ Teubner made at SHARE when he announced HostBridge Redis for z/OS:

32-Bit HostBridge Redis for z/OS is Free

Perhaps the best news about this offering is that the 32-bit version of HostBridge Redis for z/OS is free. Visit the HostBridge support Wiki to find all the documentation related to Redis, or go straight to the download and installation instructions for the free 32-bit edition. On the Wiki, you’ll find a sample Redis for z/OS database you can test with.

If you want to visit with us about your interest in Redis on the mainframe, please contact us using the form below. We’ll help you get Redis on the mainframe, and then do interesting things with it!