Watch HostBridge CEO Russ Teubner show why it is important to include CICS on SIEM and APM dashboards. During the presentation, Russ shares how to do this using the HostBridge Transaction Analytics Connection (HTAC). During the demonstration, Russ shows a series of Splunk dashboards that enable CICS application performance management.

This presentation was given live to the Virtual CICS Users Group on May 8, 2018.

Test HTAC with Your SIEM or APM

If you use Splunk – or another SIEM/APM solution – you can get a free trial copy of HTAC. To learn more about HTAC or to download a copy, please visit the HTAC download and information page. If you’d like to talk about putting CICS performance data on one of your Splunk dashboards, please contact us: