HostBridge Pilot Program

Prototype RESTful APIs for integrating or modernizing your CICS applications.

Integrate or Modernize CICS

Prototype making your CICS apps available as callable services via RESTful APIs! The CICS APIs we’ll help you create are ideal for modernization and integration.

During a pilot project, we’ll provide free software, support, and expertise. Using the HostBridge JavaScript Engine (HB.js), we’ll work together to create integration scripts in your environment with your CICS applications. Learn firsthand the advantages of using CICS APIs.

During a HostBridge Pilot you will:

  • Get trained by the HostBridge technical team to create integration scripts and APIs
  • Develop one or more APIs to make your CICS app available as a callable services
  • Benchmark performance on your system with your apps and users

There’s no risk, no cost, and no changes required to your CICS apps.

It’s Fast and Easy

Completing a pilot project with HostBridge is fast and easy. You’ll receive excellent support that will let your project complete in days or weeks. By the end of the pilot project, you’ll know with certainty how long a complete implementation will take, what the benefits are, and what it will cost.

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