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Our Partnership Focus

Our partnership focus is to foster collaboration with like-minded services and product organizations. Our sole objective is to accelerate innovation and growth for customers strategically committed to the mainframe platform.

Our Partners

IBM Lab Services


IBM Lab Services and HostBridge have partnered to offer CICS applications and integration performance assessment. IBM z/OS CICS HealthCheck focuses on internal performance of CICS, and evaluating the best ways to integrate the mainframe into a hybrid cloud architecture. Leveraging HostBridge HTAC software, the IBM CICS HealthCheck creates information-based guidance for platform modernization efforts. The IBM CICS HealthCheck is available globally and can be scheduled through HostBridge or IBM Lab Services.



Microsoft and HostBridge offer the most effective way to modernize transactional data on the mainframe. The rich Microsoft Azure ecosystem, including Microsoft Azure Power Apps, easily incorporates key data transactions from the mainframe with help from HostBridge integration solutions. With a simple API call, PowerApp, Office or PowerBI users can obtain business transaction data from the mainframe in real time. This seamless integration of HostBridge technology with the Microsoft Azure ecosystem democratizes access to mainframe transactional data, opening modernization to the widest possible audience: citizen developers.



Ensono and HostBridge have developed a partnership around managed modernization. HostBridge integration capabilities, in combination with Ensono infrastructure and architecture expertise, deliver peace of mind to clients running their mission critical mainframe applications on a hosted platform. Mission critical systems are now easy to modernize, in a safe and incremental fashion, in place, and on a trusted platform. With deep infrastructure and technology expertise, the Ensono-Hostbridge modernization offering delivers secure, high performance option for managed hybrid cloud solutions.

HCL Software


With a focus on fast and effective modernization, HCL Software and HostBridge have partnered to offer close integration of the HostBridge JavaScript Engine (HB.js) with the HCL Software Volt MX Foundry. This integration allows for a quick deployment of mainframe transaction data and business logic via the Volt MX low-code platform. This powerful technology combination allows enterprise application developers to build responsive end user applications that incorporate information from the mainframe alongside other data sources. Develop and deployment occurs quickly with performance and robustness secured by HB.js.

Para Solutions


Para Solutions is a HostBridge implementation and service partner for the Middle East. In collaboration with Para Solutions, HostBridge products are deployed and making a difference for public sector, banking and healthcare clients in the Persian Gulf region. Para Solutions’ decades of information technology service excellence combine well with the HostBridge API capability to provide rich, capable mainframe modernization offerings for the region.

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