Watch: HTAC Puts CICS on the Splunk Dashboard
Products| by Jerry Rackley

With our recent announcement of the HostBridge Transaction Analytics Connector (HTAC), enterprises that use CICS can easily (and affordably) include CICS on their Splunk dashboards. Why is this important? Most enterprises do not want the CICS portion of customer or user transactions that originate on mobile devices or in the cloud to remain invisible to their SIEM platforms. HostBridge CEO Russ Teubner recently hosted a web demonstration of HTAC, and in this 2 minute, 30-second clip of his remarks, discusses the need for HTAC:

If the need for HTAC to provide end-to-end visibility of transaction resonates, what then is HTAC? It is software that runs inside CICS. It correlates CICS transaction activity to the point of origin outside of CICS, such as web, mobile or cloud applications,  enabling end-to-end tracking of activity through SIEM applications like Splunk.

What is HTAC?

In this six and a half minute video, Russ breaks down what HTAC is, using a series of diagrams to illustrate the HTAC operating environment:

Both of the video clips shared here are excerpts from the full-length, HTAC presentation and demo Russ gave just after HTAC was announced.  You can view the full, recorded demo, during which Russ shows how HTAC correlates transaction IDs, displaying them on the Splunk dashboard (the demo starts at the 19:33 mark in this video):

Test HTAC for Free!

HTAC is priced very affordably, and we offer a free, test license that lets you install and use it in your environment to see how effective it is.  HTAC does not pre-req any other HostBridge software. To learn more  about HTAC, or to get help installing your test license, please contact us.

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