New Versions of HostBridge Extend CICS Integration Functionality
Performance | Products| by Jerry Rackley

HostBridge pioneered bringing JavaScript to the mainframe over a decade ago. The latest versions of the HostBridge JavaScript Engine (HB.js) continue to expand what enterprises can do with JavaScript on the mainframe. Enterprises that use HostBridge to make CICS applications available via APIs or callable web services now have more features in HostBridge for CICS integration.

HB.js V6.93

A sample batch COBOL interface is part of HB.js V6.93. Several HostBridge customers have processes that run in batch for which they want to invoke the same HostBridge services they’re using for applications. Sample code is now available that allows users to make calls from batch programs to these HostBridge services. This capability extends HostBridge scripts, APIs, and processes, whether created for screen-based or COMMAREA CICS applications, to batch programs. This capability is important, as the HostBridge interface is the only way some users have to invoke those processes. Using the sample code, batch programs can invoke HostBridge scripts, pass data to them, and get the same results as screen-based or COMMAREA CICS programs that invoke them.

HB.js V6.93 includes a sample batch COBOL interface.

HB.js V6.93 now includes a channel/container interface. Previous versions of HB.js supported creation of scripts through the HTTP Eclipse interface. Previously, the HTTP Eclipse interface was how users would create a service, put files in the HostBridge repository, get things out of the repository, or invoke HostBridge services. The new channel/container interface allows users to perform these same functions using a program. Users can now use their own programs to make scripts. This enhancement gives users the ability to make scripts, compile, and save scripts in the HostBridge repository from non-HTTP sources, non-Eclipse sources. There are now many options to let HostBridge customers choose how they wish to do source control, source management, or promotion of scripts from one environment to another. They can do these things under the control of their own programs, either running inside CICS or from the batch interface.

HB.js V7.05

HostBridge version 7.05 was released with V6.93 and is the first internationalized version of the HostBridge JavaScript Engine. HostBridge has long supported customers outside the United States, such as one of Thailand’s largest banks. This new internationalization functionality allows HB.js to support variations and differences in how things are rendered in other languages. For example, HB.js is now in use by a Middle Eastern government ministry where Arabic characters are rendered right to left.

The 7.05 version of HB.js also includes a 10 to 15 percent performance improvement over other releases. This performance boost is the result of the HostBridge technical team taking advantage low-level assembler code optimized for the newest models of IBM System Z hardware. Compiling HostBridge software modules to take advantage of this code is delivering noticeable performance enhancements. HostBridge customers will want to upgrade to HB.js version 7.05 simply to get the performance benefits.

Customers that wish to upgrade to HB.js V7.05 should keep these planning assumptions in mind:

  • The CWXN elimination feature of HostBridge is now the default configuration.
  • There is now only one combined TCPIPSERVICES port for base HostBridge and HB.js.
  • HostBridge 7.05 is the first internationalized version of the product.  Special emphasis was given to internationalization for Arabic.
  • The HBX component of HostBridge is deprecated and no longer in the product by default as of 7.05.
  • Use of pre-COBOL Enterprise 6 run-time support is deprecated as of release 7.05.
  • Use of HBR$AUTH to do customized credential processing is deprecated as of release 7.05.

All versions of a HostBridge work on all newer IBM System Z hardware. These newest versions of HostBridge may not support older IBM System Z hardware. Contact the HostBridge technical support team to learn more about these versions and for help evaluating or planning migrations to them.

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