Integrating CICS with Cloud Applications
How To | Hybrid IT| by Jerry Rackley

Using mainframe JavaScript, it’s a simple matter to create an API for integrating CICS with cloud applications. The HostBridge team recently prototyped such an integration with the mother of all cloud-based applications, Salesforce.


The sales team for a large financial services company is using Salesforce. The company had looked for a solution for integrating a CICS billing application with Salesforce to eliminate manual and redundant data entry. Sales team members were required to login to the CICS billing application using 3270 terminal emulation software to rekey data. This company hoped to find a way to make the billing application available to Salesforce as a RESTful web service. Six months of searching for an easy and affordable solution yielded no results.

Then company became aware of the HostBridge JavaScript Engine (HB.js). James Alexander, the HostBridge director of technical services, worked with this customer and within a few days, created a callable, RESTful web service to accomplish the integration. It was simple, fast, and easy to do, and it required no changes to the CICS billing application. This short video describes how James used JavaScript on the mainframe to make quick work of this integration:

Integrating CICS applications with cloud-apps using JavaScript

Integrate Your CICS Applications with the Cloud

Using HB.js, you can easily create APIs for integrating CICS with cloud applications. This approach makes your CICS applications available as callable web services. This approach performs well, is easy to implement, can occur very quickly, and requires no changes to CICS applications. As we did for this customer, we’re happy to help you prototype building CICS APIs and web services for no cost or obligation! Simply use the form below to contact us to get the process started.

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