How to Create CICS Web Services with JavaScript
How To| by Jerry Rackley

How do you create a CICS web service? How long does it take, and how difficult is it? Using the HostBridge JavaScript Engine, it is easy, and as this web demonstration recording shows, it can take less than an hour to create a new CICS web service from scratch.

Watch and learn

In this recording, James Alexander, the HostBridge director of technical services, builds a CICS web service from start-to-finish, taking questions from viewers at the end of his session:

The approach that James demonstrates here is exactly the same one a current HostBridge customer is using. This financial services customer in just an hour created a CICS web service to enable an international funds transfer application, a project that was estimated to take six months. No changes to the core banking CICS application were required, and no screen-scraping was done to enable the integration.

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