How HostBridge Creates Value for CICS Integration and Modernization

HostBridge provides software and services to analyze, integrate and modernize legacy CICS applications without screen-scraping. Our patented technology can modernize CICS applications, via APIs, in days and weeks versus months or years. This dramatic reduction in deployment time increases business agility while lowering MIPS usage through orchestration and zIIP engine utilization.

In addition, the HostBridge Integration Analytics solution reveals the impact of web and mobile transactions on the mainframe. Ultimately, customers can easily identify and analyze poorly performing transactions through a cloud-friendly portal, to increase overall efficiency, lower mainframe usage, and reduce costs.

HostBridge Business Value Examples

The value HostBridge creates is quantifiable. Client data reveals the benefits of using HostBridge for CICS integration and modernization:

  • A large insurer began using HostBridge for CICS integration and saw average hybrid application response times go from 170 to 60 milliseconds. Because HostBridge integration scripts fully leverage their zIIP engines this client is also realizing annual costs reduction of $1 million per year.
  • A multinational bank is leveraging HostBridge to integrate and orchestrate hybrid-CICS transaction sequences. The bank is realizing dramatic performance improvements, with transaction response time reductions of 650 milliseconds, a 30X improvement over the .Net service in previous use.
  • Evaluating an RPA implementation identified a massively inefficient bot with a 5-hour run time that was generating a significant number of unnecessary CICS transactions. Once identified through HostBridge Integration Analytics, the bot was targeted for optimization.
  • Benchmarking an RPA bot using its built-in terminal emulation to scrape the screens of a CICS transaction sequence took 59 seconds to complete. When the bot invoked the same CICS transaction sequence via a HostBridge-created RESTful service, the sequence completed in less than two seconds.
  • A major healthcare provider is getting more than $1 million per year in zIIP savings alone after implementing HostBridge.
  • Using HostBridge, an international bank developed and deployed a new funds transfer function in days instead of the previously allotted six months, saving over $70,000 in training and personnel costs.
  • A large Asian bank leveraged HostBridge’s API to orchestrate and streamline a complex transaction sequence, making it invokable via a single click, reducing CPU and elapsed time by 95%.
  • HostBridge Integration Analytics helped a large auto insurer discover that a core CICS application was spawning 28 million unnecessary instructions for a common business process. This insurer leveraged the analytic data to encourage the application vendor to change the application to eliminate the inefficiency.
  • A major U.S. bank used API based orchestration to reduce the number of CICS transactions to a core application by more than 70%, lowering CPU usage and overall response times.
  • A global furniture manufacturer used HostBridge to reduce by 94% the allotted time for developing better integration between automated manufacturing lines and back-end CICS applications, producing an immediate $100,000 in savings.

Each of these real-life HostBridge use case examples reinforce the benefits HostBridge customers consistently experience:

  • Higher performance. The elimination of network latency combined with the speed, power, and reliability of the mainframe.
  • Lower costs. Cost savings come in the form of less development time, greater productivity, better utilization of mainframe resources, deferred upgrades, and exploiting zIIP engines.

Learn How You Can Benefit From HostBridge

Realizing this value can occur very quickly and without having to make changes to existing CICS applications. The journey to understand and quantify the benefits of using HostBridge for CICS integration and modernization begins with simple, fully-supported prototyping effort. The HostBridge team provides free software and support for completing a proof-of-concept project, on your system, using your applications. Reach out to us using the contact information below to discuss how to get started.

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