HostBridge and the Connected Mainframe
Strategy| by Jerry Rackley

IDC has done research, sponsored by CA Technologies, on the “Connected Mainframe” and produced an infographic to summarize its findings. The research found that organizations that pursue the Connected Mainframe strategy engage in modernization and integration initiatives, and by doing so drive innovation and growth. IDC uses these definitions:

  • Modernization: Creating a platform that is integration-ready within the datacenter and with the outside world and subsequent business innovation.
  • Integration: Connecting the mainframe with the rest of the datacenter infrastructure and IT processes, as well as opening the platform up to the outside world.

The research found that study participants accumulate increasing business value as they adopt Connected Mainframe initiatives at different rates.  HostBridge is a key enabling technology that simplifies implementing these initiatives, whether they be modernization or integration-related.

The following graph, from the IDC infographic, summarizes the value associated with various approaches, with an added annotation to show where HostBridge integration solutions fit into the continuum.


Where HostBridge Plays in the Connected Mainframe Ecosystem

HostBridge plays into some of the highest value areas identified by IDC. The IDC research concludes that the key performance improvements realized by investing in the Connected Mainframe strategy include:

  • Lower licensing costs by (27%)
  • More efficient mainframe management (52%)
  • Higher application developer productivity on the mainframe (15%)

HostBridge can take the guesswork out of implementing a Connected Mainframe strategy by working with enterprises to pilot modernization or integration projects, proving the value before making an investment in HostBridge software.  To learn more about this, contact us.

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