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Performance | Strategy| by Jerry Rackley

The second law of Thermodynamics states: “The entropy of an isolated system not in equilibrium will tend to increase over time, approaching a maximum value at equilibrium.” This law applies not only to mechanical, but software systems as well. However you define entropy – disorder, chaos, inefficiency – it’s just as harmful to software as hardware systems. This law is the reason we offer the HostBridge Health Check.

Ideally, perfectly tuned and balanced integrations would stay that way forever. We really wish this were true for the complex integrations we create. The reality, however, is that over time, subtle changes creep into systems. As they accumulate, they compromise the efficiency and effectiveness of any hardware or software system. We’ll help you push back on the entropy with the HostBridge Health Check. Completing one can restore the balance and equilibrium of your HostBridge integrations and orchestrations.

HostBridge customers can schedule a free Health Check.

For HostBridge customers, the HostBridge Health Check is a new feature of existing HostBridge service and support programs. It’s a service for tuning and optimizing your HostBridge services, APIs, integrations, modernizations, and orchestrations. Collaborating with our technical services team to complete one takes almost no effort on your part. We can also conduct it remotely. Here’s a high-level overview of the Health Check process:

  • Discuss goals, responsibilities, and timeframes for the Health Check
  • Review your current HostBridge installation
  • Discuss upgrade paths and potential issues
  • Identify and implement any opportunities for performance improvement
  • Identify and discuss any HostBridge errors or issues
  • Determine training needs
  • Review new features and functions
  • Discuss HostBridge product roadmap
  • Describe integration analytics options and benefits

Health Check Benefits

There are, of course, some details beneath each Health Check list item. What’s great is that in exchange for just a few hours, you can ensure:

  • Your integrations are performing at the highest level
  • You’re using mainframe cycles as efficiently as possible
  • You gain more or better ways of allowing your CICS applications to participate in a hybrid IT strategy

It’s simple to schedule a HostBridge Health Check. Just reach out to anyone on the sales or technical team to schedule one, or learn more about it! Email or

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