Broadcom Acquires HostBridge Technology
Strategy| by Jerry Rackley

HostBridge Technology has been acquired by Broadcom.  Effective August 1, 2022, HostBridge is part of Broadcom’s Mainframe Software Division. Adding HostBridge to Broadcom will create additional value for our collective enterprise customers.

HostBridge’s integration and analytics products enable enterprises to define and complete modernization projects quickly and cost-effectively. Since its founding in 2000, the company’s focus has evolved from CICS application integration to now providing CICS-based orchestration capabilities via business-level APIs, along with a unique platform for analytics-driven modernization. While the company under which these solutions reach the market is changing, the value is not. Bringing the HostBridge and Broadcom capabilities together will amplify the collective analysis, integration, optimization, and modernization value proposition that they bring to market.

“Broadcom is the ideal organization to house the expertise and technology of HostBridge,” said Russ Teubner, co-founder and CEO of HostBridge. “We share a tradition of customer service excellence. The reputation and reach of Broadcom will accelerate our ability to help mainframe-using enterprises let their core business applications fully participate in hybrid cloud strategies.” HostBridge customers will benefit from the rich set of resources and services Broadcom provides. Broadcom customers can leverage their core business applications that run on the mainframe in entirely new ways. This creates opportunities for our customers to accelerate their mainframe modernization objectives, in agile fashion, with high-performance and no application changes.

This acquisition also represents Broadcom’s intent to increase research and development and drive improved integration within its industry-leading portfolio of mainframe products. During FY21, Broadcom invested $4.9B in R&D and has one of the industry’s broadest IP portfolios with >19,000 patents. Many HostBridge clients are already clients of Broadcom Mainframe Software Division. Representatives from Broadcom and HostBridge will continue to work closely with customers throughout the transition to foster their success with modernization.

“I am pleased for what this change will bring to HostBridge and Broadcom customers, as well as to the mainframe community at large,” said Teubner. “From a personal perspective, I’m excited to do under the Broadcom banner what I love best: work directly with business and technology leaders within enterprises to help them build and execute a modernization strategy. Since the entire HostBridge technical team is joining Broadcom, what will not change is our enthusiasm for helping customers execute their modernization projects faster, at lower cost, while delivering outstanding performance. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to expand our work in this domain on the Broadcom stage.”