Mainframe Optimization
Intelligently optimize CICS with Integration Analytics

Intelligent Optimization:

HostBridge has the tools, services, expertise, and integration analytics to accelerate and simplify your optimization efforts.

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Mainframe Optimization Guide

Effective mainframe optimization allows the mainframe to fully participate in the hybrid cloud. Optimization is complex, however, because it’s hard to link mainframe transaction volume to its non-mainframe source. Integration analytics correlate mainframe activity to its source, identifying suboptimal interactions.

This eBook explains mainframe optimization trends and challenges, and proposes integration analytics to enable faster, better optimization.

A global IT platforms director shared this about working with HostBridge to leverage integration analytics: “It’s been an eye-opener. It allows us to get under the hood and actually see what people are doing, and see what we already have that we can use to be much more efficient.”