HostBridge Transaction Analytics Connector

For any Splunk-using organization that also uses CICS transactions to provide functionality to end user devices.

HTAC exploits the transaction tracking infrastructure IBM has added to CICS, allowing enterprises to fully understand the impact of web and mobile transactions on the mainframe. With HTAC, Splunk gains an end-to-end view of these transactions for performance management or auditing purposes.

When used with Splunk, HTAC makes it possible to correlate CICS transactions with their points of origin on mobile or other distributed applications to know:

  • The total duration of the user experience, including network latency
  • The amount of time a transaction spent in each mainframe subsystem
  • If a transaction completed successfully or failed
  • If a transaction fell outside of predefined performance goals

HTAC runs within any supported version of CICS (5.x recommended) and enables tracking of any type of CICS transaction.