HostBridge Socket Support


HostBridge Socket Support (HBSS) is high-performance software that replaces CICS Socket Support (EZASOKET).

Organizations that perform high-volume transaction processing with CICS Socket Support can improve performance while potentially saving hundreds of MIPS on a sustained basis by using HBSS.

Customers that have written CICS Socket applications and run high volumes of socket input/output can use HostBridge Socket Support to:

  • Optimize socket processing
  • Reduce MIPS consumption on the general-purpose processor
  • Shift socket workload to the zIIP*
  • Reduce mainframe TCO

* HostBridge customers can run HostBridge Socket Support on their zIIP specialty engine and shift a significant portion of their socket workload to the zIIP. HostBridge further optimizes socket processing performance by minimizing switching between the GP and the zIIP.