We are HostBridge

HostBridge lets CICS applications on IBM Z mainframes fully participate in the API economy

Our Story

Founded in 2000, HostBridge Technology provides software and services to analyze, integrate, and modernize legacy CICS applications without screen-scraping.
The company’s founders brought into the company a legacy of pioneering integration technology innovations. Our innovative solutions are the subject of multiple U.S. patents.

We've been simplifying CICS integration for over two decades.

  • CICS systems admins can install HostBridge in less than an hour.

  • Web developers access CICS using industry standards like HTTP and XML.

  • Application developers do not have to make any changes to the CICS applications.

Our Mission & Vision

Many enterprises rely on IBM mainframe applications. We know first-hand the difficulties of integrating them. HostBridge makes CICS integration easy.

  • Understand what enterprises do with CICS applications

  • Exploit the best of what CICS has to offer natively

  • Keep pace with emerging web, cloud, and other integration technologies

  • Support relevant industry standards – HTTP, XML, SOAP, REST, etc

  • Retain our obsession with high-fidelity integration

Open Scalable Architecture

Allows our products to rapidly adapt to changes and leverage new technologies or protocols. HostBridge offers solutions to let enterprises easily access their valuable corporate data and enable business transactions using their existing computing infrastructure.

Our Customers

"We are very glad to have been with you guys for 11 years. There were about four of us who really pushed hard to go with you guys over another well-known vendor. It was risky because that other vendor really had the inside track, but we just felt HostBridge was the better option. It's worked out wonderfully, and we are so much better for it."
- A HostBridge customer, December 2020
Our Products

Our Products

HostBridge “makes CICS integration real” (a verbatim quote from an executive at a partner company). HostBridge runs within CICS on the mainframe where it fully utilizes the native interfaces and mechanisms CICS offers.

Our Company

Our Company

It’s our nature to do the hard stuff. CICS integration often deals with decades-old applications and code, written by long-departed programmers.
Yet these applications are critical to business operations. We work with you to build resilient, high-performance integration APIs.

Our Customers

Our Customers

HostBridge solutions' product direction and development efforts are heavily influenced by customers’ CICS integration needs and challenges. Tomorrow’s HostBridge solutions result from what we hear today from you.

Our Company

Russ Teubner

CEO & Co-Founder

For over four decades, Teubner has applied his creative energies to solving difficult problems associated with integrating large-scale IBM systems and various emerging technologies. He has done pioneering work in the integration of IBM mainframes and applications with UNIX systems, TCP/IP networks, facsimile transmission networks, the World Wide Web, and service oriented architectures. Teubner has been a contributing author to various technical publications, and is the co-author of US Patent No. 6,981,257 pertaining to XML enablement of CICS applications and other patents pending. He has forged a strategic business partnership with IBM, and enjoys a long-standing relationship the IBM Hursley Lab, home of CICS development. As Chairman of the Board of Southwest Bancorp, Inc., Teubner was instrumental in that company’s acquisition by Simmons First National Corporation, which completed in October 2017. He now serves on the Board of Directors for Simmons.

Tom Niermeyer


Niermeyer leads the sales and marketing efforts for HostBridge. Tom worked at BMC Software for 23 years in a variety of senior sales leadership roles and as the general manager of a mainframe business unit. More recently, he has been an advisor for several technology companies. He has a track record of building teams that can rally together to innovate and drive top line growth while maintaining fiscal responsibility. His pragmatic, operational and blue-collar approach to solving problems, creating vision and building a strong culture has been foundational in the teams he works with and the results they consistently produce.

Scott Glenn

CTO & Co-Founder

Glenn uses his broad understanding of enterprise software to maintain the architecture and strategic vision for HostBridge. As a HostBridge Technology founder, Glenn is the original designer and author of the patented HostBridge approach to CICS integration. His background in both mainframe and middle-tier software development helps ensure HostBridge meets the needs of those who install, maintain and use HostBridge for integration. While at Teubner and Associates, Glenn was the lead developer for Corridor, the first commercial web-to-host gateway. In 2000, he joined Tonic Software as the lead architect where he led the design and development of the Tonic product line.

Bill Hinton

Chief Financial Officer

Hinton directs all financial, administrative, and legal projects for the company. His 40 years of corporate finance experience ensures the company’s financial stability. Prior to joining HostBridge, he was CFO for Teubner and Associates and Esker, Inc. He left Esker to form his own company to address the needs of small companies needing CFO services. Before joining Teubner and Associates, he was the director of finance for Royal International Optical for two years and worked for Price Waterhouse in Dallas for 13 years.

James Alexander

Director of Technical Services

Alexander has over three decades of experience in mainframe systems programming and managing large IT organizations. He currently manages Technical Services and HostBridge product support. Prior to HostBridge, he was head of IT services for Oklahoma State University where he set direction for IT services — including network operations — and oversaw integration of disparate technologies into uniform business solutions.

Ferrel Johnson

Director of Business Development

Johnson is a seasoned account executive with 20+ years of experience working with large enterprises helping solve the difficult problems associated with integrating legacy systems with hybrid and cloud technologies. Prior to joining HostBridge, Johnson spent 15 years working in direct and channel sales for Teubner & Associates and Esker Inc.

Jerry Rackley

Director of Marketing

Rackley has over 35 years of experience in corporate, B-to-B technology marketing. In 2000, he helped launch the company and rejoined the HostBridge team in 2017. He is an author and also serves as Assistant Professor of Marketing for the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University.

Marsha Forbes

Operations Manager

Forbes has been bringing order to chaos at HostBridge since 2006, serving as the company’s operations manager and executive assistant to the CEO.

John Bachiochi

Senior Systems Engineer

Bachiochi has over 30 years of experience in mainframe application software development, training, and support, with extensive background in Insurance and Government sectors. He currently provides project management for CICS application modernization and integration projects that use HostBridge.

Rex Shelton

Director of Strategic Alliances

Shelton's background includes work at IBM and Atos, where he managed service delivery of application and technology consulting, managed services, and business and product/services development. He helps consulting firms and managed service providers leverage HostBridge on behalf of their clients.

Brittany Dartlon

Integration Analytics Specialist

While earning her M.S. degree in Business Analytics and Data Science, Dartlon interned at HostBridge, joining the team on a full-time basis after graduation. She has become an expert on wrangling SMF data and using Splunk to reveal inefficiencies in CICS integrations and interactions.

Toni Skokovic

Product Marketing/Management

Skokovic combines his passion for the IT business with his 25+ years of experience in all aspects of software operations. His career has been spent delivering long-term, sustainable growth by focusing on the core principles of integrity, long-term partnership and team development.

J.K. Chai

Integration Analytics Intern

J.K. is earning his graduate degree in business analytics and data science while interning at HostBridge. He is using Python to help optimize Splunk dashboard performance for the HostBridge Integration Analytics practice.

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