Use Case Studies



The Challenge: Shortage of COBOL application developers was a major challenge for a Top-10 US Bank. This shortage was the key obstacle in the bank’s progress towards offering up-to-date mobile, web and cloud solutions to its customers and point-of-service employees.

Our Solution: The HostBridge JavaScript Engine (HB.js) allowed quick implementation of APIs into the bank’s core business systems running on IBM Z CICS. HostBridge APIs are authored using JavaScript and deliver information in the widely used JSON format. This reduces developers’ reliance on mainframe expertise, such as understanding COBOL or IBM Z data structures.

Use Study and Benefits: Using HostBridge APIs to orchestrate business logic on IBM Z CICS, the bank sped up its modernization program. Application developers and vendors can now build web, mobile and cloud applications without mainframe subject matter expertise.


The Challenge: South Carolina’s largest health insurer was looking for an alternative to their abruptly-retired enterprise integration platform for their core systems running on IBM Z CICS. Maintaining over 200 enterprise interfaces was critical in continuing to offer high performance and scalable mobile, web and cloud applications to its millions of policyholders and thousands of employees.

Our Solution:  HostBridge was a natural fit for this health insurer’s challenge because our JavaScript engine has a long track record of supporting mission-critical enterprises on a long-term basis. For over 20 years, we have continued to support enterprise integration to IBM Z CICS through an ongoing commitment to collaboration and innovation with our clients. 

Use Study and Benefits: Within months of the initial proof-of-concept, the insurer’s IT team initiated the migration project. With over 200 enterprise APIs to migrate and verify, this task completed within 18 months, beginning to end, with substantial improvements in performance and stability. This insurer is now able to not only continue but accelerate its modernization agenda.


The Challenge: A premium office furniture manufacturer needed to evolve its production process with automated packaging lines. Manual transcription of information between various core business systems was slowing down the process and creating opportunities for errors. 

Our Solution: HostBridge API integration to core manufacturing information systems fully automates manufacturing and packaging lines.

Use Study and Benefits: Within a month of initial demonstration, the manufacturing APIs were completed and deployed to fully automate the manufacturing and packaging processes with increased performance.

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