HostBridge Enables Rapid Deployment of Mainframe Web Services at Bank of Ayudhya

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Bank of Ayudhya PCL., also known as Krungsri, is one of Thailand’s largest banks, and it is leading the way in leveraging its host applications by creating mainframe web services using the HostBridge JavaScript Engine (HB.js). These web services are revolutionizing how CICS applications are accessed and exploited through integrations that dramatically improve productivity, and to enable the bank to …

How to Create CICS Web Services with JavaScript

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How do you create a CICS web service? How long does it take, and how difficult is it? Using the HostBridge JavaScript Engine, it is easy, and as this web demonstration recording shows, it can take less than an hour to create a new CICS web service from scratch. Watch and learn In this recording, James Alexander, the HostBridge director …

Sending Mainframe Email

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We’ve had many customers ask us, “how can I send an email message out of the mainframe, from a script or web service, to notify someone?” It has been possible for some time. A new IBM service, which HostBridge exploits through a JavaScript object, has made it easier to send mainframe email messages. In z/OS 2.2, IBM introduced a new …

HostBridge Socket Support Reduces CPU Consumption by at Least One-Third in Benchmark

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HostBridge recently conducted a customer benchmark on the CPU savings that result when switching from CICS Socket Support to HostBridge Socket Support (HBSS).  The savings were substantial, reducing CPU consumption by at least 33% for this large banking client.  This CPU savings in turn improved application response time as well. These test results are significant. The annual Syncsort “State of …

Using CICS Services as Part of Your API and Business Services Strategy

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HostBridge CEO Russ Teubner recently presented at SHARE Sacramento, sharing the stage with Glenn Schneck of GT Software, and Leigh Compton of IBM.  This presentation, originally given on March 13, 2018, shares what Russ said to organizations that are looking at the API Economy as a way to integrate CICS with other platforms, processes and applications.