Using CICS Services as Part of Your API and Business Services Strategy

In Strategy by Jerry Rackley

HostBridge CEO Russ Teubner recently presented at SHARE Sacramento, sharing the stage with Glenn Schneck of GT Software, and Leigh Compton of IBM.  This presentation, originally given on March 13, 2018, shares what Russ said to organizations that are looking at the API Economy as a way to integrate CICS with other platforms, processes and applications.

New JSON Parser Boosts HostBridge Performance

In Products by James Alexander

The HostBridge JavaScript Engine (HB.js) has long supported JSON as an integration API to CICS applications on the host.  The development team at HostBridge has just released a new, native JSON parser for HB.js that supports much larger documents while providing substantially better performance. The JSON parser that previously ran in HB.js was written in JavaScript. It worked fine for …

HostBridge and the Connected Mainframe

In Strategy by Jerry Rackley

IDC has done research, sponsored by CA Technologies, on the “Connected Mainframe” and produced an infographic to summarize its findings. The research found that organizations that pursue the Connected Mainframe strategy engage in modernization and integration initiatives, and by doing so drive innovation and growth. IDC uses these definitions: Modernization: Creating a platform that is integration-ready within the datacenter and …

Five Ways Mainframe Integration Will Evolve in 2018

In White papers by Jerry Rackley

(Note: these predictions will appear in the 2018 Enterprise Tech Journal, Issue 1 scheduled for release in March) HostBridge CEO and co-founder Russ Teubner recently shared his predictions for mainframe integration in 2018.  Here are his thoughts: I’ve spent almost 40 years focused on mainframe integration technology. Specifically, the integration of IBM mainframe applications with whatever other technology is in vogue at …

Watch: HTAC Puts CICS on the Splunk Dashboard

In Products by Jerry Rackley

With our recent announcement of the HostBridge Transaction Analytics Connector (HTAC), enterprises that use CICS can easily (and affordably) include CICS on their Splunk dashboards. Why is this important? Most enterprises do not want the CICS portion of customer or user transactions that originate on mobile devices or in the cloud to remain invisible to their SIEM platforms. HostBridge CEO …