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Web Interfaces for the Mainframe: WIRE v3.0

Upcoming Events and New HostBridge WIRE Content

HostBridge presents two public webcasts and a new white paper, Mainframe to the People: Interface Strategies for Every User Need.

WIRE Webcast/Demo: Mainframe Interfaces Fast and Easy

Terminal emulation replacement, rich Web interfaces, insurance, manufacturing, government cases, v3.0 enhancements, live demo. Learn more about the fast lane to new interfaces for mainframe applications; attend Bill Slovin’s HostBridge WIRE overview. Tuesday, January 17, 12:00EST. Register here.

WIRE Enhanced Mode: Web 2.0 Interfaces for the Mainframe

Today’s users demand and require rich, full-featured Web interfaces. If you plan to make mainframe apps accessible to more employees, partners, or customers, you’ll want to join Bill Slovin and Jimmy Shek as they deep dive into WIRE’s Enhanced Mode – rapid development & deployment of Web 2.0 interfaces and composites from mainframe apps, other enterprise applications, and virtually any type of feed. Tuesday, February 7, 12:00EST. Register here.

White Paper: Mainframe to the People!

Mainframe. People. Web interfaces. Mix well with HostBridge WIRE and benefits flow. A state Department of Transportation cuts costs by replacing 3270 terminal emulation with Web interfaces. A truck manufacturer improves inventory management with the “handheld mainframe” – CICS apps on iPads and iPhones. A health insurance provider creates a rich Web 2.0 eHealth Community Portal. Using HostBridge WIRE, the Web Interface Rules Engine, organizations deliver mainframe Web interfaces to the people who are their business.

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