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Sample Socket Programs for CICS

If you are looking for the HostBridge Socket Infrastructure product – the HostBridge software solution that optimizes CICS socket applications and infrastructure – visit our HB Socket product page. Stay on this page to download the free sample socket program.

Free Download

HostBridge Technology offers a collection of sample programs developed to make it easy for a CICS program to send an outbound TCP/IP request and optionally wait a response. For example, these free programs will allow a CICS program to invoke a Java Server Page (JSP), Active Server Page (ASP), or other CGI program via an HTTP GET request. Whatever the JSP/ASP/program returns in response to the GET request will be returned to the CICS program. These programs are available in both Assembler and COBOL and can be used without HostBridge.

These programs can serve as sample code for those interested in adding support for CICS socket I/O to their own programs. A hidden gem in this collection is a program called HBRTCPM; it returns the error description associated with a CICS TCP/IP function name and error number.

We originally developed these programs for a customer who wanted to invoke, from within a CICS application, a distributed application running on a Windows server. Once invoked, the distributed program would take two actions: (1) respond to the request with an acknowledgement message, and (2) determine if there was any work that needed to be presented to CICS for processing (essentially, the request sent by the CICS program was a “poll” to the server). If there was work to be done, the distributed application would send one or more HTTP GET requests to HostBridge in order to invoke the required CICS transaction. HostBridge would return the output from the transaction as an XML document.

HostBridge Products
HostBridge products enable organizations to rapidly integrate CICS applications and data with web applications, other enterprise or distributed applications, and service-oriented architectures (SOAs). Our customers use HostBridge to extend mainframe access to more users, modernize legacy applications, automate complex transaction processes, and integrate mainframe resources with other information systems. Our product family is comprised of the HostBridge base product plus a comprehensive set of optional modules and specialty connectors to address a wide range of integration requirements.

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