HostBridge Technology


Integrators, Resellers, and Distributors

HostBridge strives to bring the most complete mainframe integration and optimization solutions to customers everywhere. To help us achieve that goal, we partner with integrators and resellers that have worldwide reach and experience with mainframe systems and enterprise integration.

Platinum Integrators


Brandon Systems, a HostBridge WIRE Platinum Integrator, provides professional mainframe modernization services around the WIRE product. Brandon's focus on WIRE supports our customers’ needs in improving legacy application usability with rich new Web interfaces or new composite applications that incorporate mainframe and other information assets, including Web 2.0. WIRE can provide millions of new users with self-service access to the mainframe, and revitalize the mainframe as a revenue engine. Brandon Systems’ partnership with HostBridge brings high-value resources, talents, and product capabilities to the CICS and System z customer base.

Integrators and Resellers

DDV Technologies – Australia

is dedicated to delivering highly efficient and profitable technology solutions to commerce and government. These solutions are aimed to directly resolve often troublesome and expensive overheads in IT, business development, and crisis management. As a product solution, HostBridge helps with both of DDV’s targeted areas – speeding up the business development cycle and reducing electronic and physical risks with cost reductions in crisis management. DDV also provides professional services for installation, training, web-enabling services projects, and more.

Mainline Information Systems, formerly Cornerstone Systems, Inc.,
has established itself as a leader in providing technical support and application development services. Mainline provides support for OS/390, z/OS, LINUX, VM and VSE operating systems, as well as products like HostBridge. Mainline's mainframe expertise makes them an ideal choice to install and support HostBridge in development and production environments.

Mainlines's HB-Links products provide additional functionality to HostBridge. ComqExec Manager"! enables execution of multiple CICS transactions within a single HostBridge HTTP request. VSAM/Direct"! provides a direct XML pathway to any VSAM RRDS and KSDS data from any client, server or web-based application.


Formula Opensoft BeNeLux Reseller - is a software company specializing in the CA-IDMS, client-server and data warehousing market and a distributor of software tools on Mainframe, Unix and PC platforms. Formula Opensoft provide solutions and products for legacy systems that are unique in the mainframe environment. They maintain high standards in providing companies with mainframe based solutions and products for connectivity, web enablement, web services, relational data access, data replication, data synchronization and conversion/migration of legacy systems with and to other platforms. Formula OpenSoft also provides related services, such as installation, implementation and training.


(Spain) Harris NaS aligns IT
services and integration companies with vendor offerings to meet client needs. They research available technology and make that technology available to clients for use in their IT projects. Harris NaS resells HostBridge and related integration services to clients who need to integrate CICS using XML.


Document Systems, Inc. (DSI) is a leading provider of knowledge management software for IBM mainframe computing systems. DSI has over 15 years experience providing OS/390 and VSE knowledge management solutions to Fortune 1000 corporations, state governments, and property/casualty insurers. HostBridge and DSI have the technology and know-how to unlock the information in your legacy applications and systems.


Search EDP is a professional services organization providing human capital solutions to corporations located around the United States since 1983.

Cogsdale is a consultancy that performs integration services and training. Their focus is primarily on Fortune 1000 companies with information-intensive businesses, and government entities with large-volume information and technology needs. Cogsdale is a strong supporter of HostBridge and our approach towards CICS integration.


(Germany) UBS Hainer specializes in EAI for large enterprises through the propogation of information between systems using existing interfaces. UBS Hainer's ability to perform marketing, training, implementation, and support for HostBridge makes them an ideal partner to sell HostBridge in Germany. Their development staff is also capable of performing custom development work for organizations that require it. Together, HostBridge and UBS Hainer are able to integrate CICS application for companies throughout Germany.


USA Consulting, Inc., is a Texas-based company established in 1991 with the specific goal of providing high quality computer consulting and technical services to companies with information technology requirements. USAC's staff has impressive depth of experience in the information technology industry that ranges from product development through implementation, support, and project management. Our consultants provide "hands on" services to help our clients resolve problems, increase performance, upgrade existing products, assist in database design and tuning as well as provide project planning and management.