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IBM CICS TS Users Can Precisely View zIIP and zAAP Specialty Engine Utilization

STILLWATER, Okla., November 6, 2014 – HostBridge® Technology, provider of high-performance integration and optimization software for IBM® CICS® and System z®, is licensing its HBZT CPU Monitor software (HBZT) to IBM mainframe users at no cost and no obligation. Customers can find information about HBZT and access the free download, with easy installation documentation, on the HostBridge HBZT web page.

During a recent customer engagement that led to development of HostBridge Socket Support, HostBridge needed to measure CPU consumption (both CP and zIIP) for a CICS region during high-volume input/output operations between a distributed system and a CICS application. Measurements had to be high-resolution (accurate to the microsecond level), low overhead, immediate, and zIIP- and zAAP-inclusive. Unable to find an existing tool to meet these requirements, HostBridge developed HBZT.

HBZT is a CICS transaction that provides and interactive, real-time view of the timer information contained within the MVS ASSB control block. It provides CPU usage statistics for a CICS region: (a) since the region began, or (b) during a dynamically defined interval of time (“delta mode”). These statistics can then be used to immediately ascertain how much CPU time was used by a particular workload. HBZT was designed to facilitate rapid testing and performance assessment of software, like HostBridge, that exploits IBM specialty engines like the zIIP.

Because HBZT reveals performance information that is otherwise hard to see real-time, HostBridge is happy to make it available to CICS and System z customers free of charge.

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