HostBridge Technology


HostBridge Videos

The short videos linked to below feature Russ Teubner introducing key HostBridge concepts and real customer cases. We welcome your feedback.

HostBridge Integration

Do More with CICS (1:14)

Now is the time to leverage your mainframe. Do more, spend less.

We Make Integration Real (1:43)

HostBridge locks arms with customers and drives projects to successful completion.

Passion for Integration (3:05)

From day one, our passion has been integration. It’s all we do.

We Do the Hard Stuff (1:15)

Organizations have come to us saying, “We’ve tried three other products and they broke.” We love those projects, because we’ve never failed.

HostBridge Customers

HostBridge Customer: Manufacturing (0:45)

A truck manufacturer accelerates production by getting CICS data to workers on the factory floor.

HostBridge Customer: Banking (1:54)

One of the nation’s largest credit unions integrates CICS data and business logic with bank web sites, ATMs, other applications.

HostBridge Customer: Health Care (1:14)

Los Angeles County’s network of clinics improves client service by giving care providers access to mainframe applications via HostBridge.

IBM Videos Featuring HostBridge

IBM Video: Russ Teubner on IBM zEnterprise, February 2011 (2:53)

Russ Teubner talks about how his defense, government, healthcare and education customers rely on IBM System z technology to run their mission-critical applications. The IBM zEnterprise System can enable customers to achieve new levels of manageability, price and performance.