HostBridge Technology


HostBridge Products for Mainframe Integration & Optimization

Organizations around the world use our products to integrate mainframe assets with any distributed resource – Web, mobile, application, SOA, and cloud – and optimize mainframe processes.

HostBridge, our flagship product, is a high-performance, high-precision Web services solution for integrating CICS applications and System z data with any distributed information resource – Web, mobile, application, SOA, cloud.

HostBridge WIRE: Web- and Mobile-Enable the Mainframe
HostBridge WIRE enables rapid development and deployment of Web/mobile interfaces and applications – from terminal-style to rich Web – for CICS and other mainframe assets.

HostBridge HBZT: IBM Mainframe Performance Testing Tool
HostBridge is licensing its HBZT CPU Monitory software to IBM Mainframe users at no cost and no obligation. Use HBZT to ascertain processor time used by a workload, and compare CP and zIIP performance.

HB Data Access: Mainframe Data Integration
HostBridge Data Access modules deliver direct integration of VSAM, DB2, DL/I, and Datacom.

HB CA App/Data Integration Support
HostBridge CA support modules simplify integration of CA Ideal™ for CA Datacom®, CA-Telon®, CA-Gener/OL™, and CA ADS™ for CA IDMS™.

HB Specialty Connectors: Enterprise System Integration
HostBridge Specialty Connectors streamline mainframe integration with leading business information systems; connectors include Pega Connector, Siebel Connector, Oracle Connector, IVR Connector, Batch to CICS Connector, eTransX Connector.

HostBridge for zIIP: zIIP-Enabled Integration/SOA
HostBridge for zIIP is HostBridge software and services running on the zIIP specialty engine. HostBridge customers can run 100% of integration/SOA workloads on the zIIP to improve performance, defer capacity upgrades, and save money.

HostBridge Socket Support
HostBridge Socket Support, an alternative to the CICS socket application infrastructure, reduces MIPS consumption, cutting processing costs by 20% to 40%.

HostBridge Product Principles
HostBridge enhances its product offerings continually; our product philosophy and direction are outlined on the Product Principles page.

HostBridge Product Resources
Visit our Product Resources page to learn about our free 30-day HostBridge evaluation, free sample sockets program available for download, and the evolution of the HostBridge product family.

HostBridge Product Downloads
Licensed customers can access HostBridge downloads from this page.