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zIIP-Enable CICS Integration Workloads – HostBridge for zIIP
. A HostBridge white paper.


IBM Mainframe Performance Testing Tool – Download for Free

HostBridge is licensing its HBZT CPU Monitoring software to IBM Mainframe users at no cost and no obligation. Use HBZT to ascertain processor time used by a workload, and compare CP and zIIP performance. Learn more & download!


Java in CICS Has More to Offer than Java on Other Platforms

Java is a gateway to modern business rules and web/mobile interfaces, CICS remains a core enterprise system, they work great together. Read Geoff Pirie’s post.


CICS & HostBridge Tales from the Trenches: Recorded Webcast

CICS TS Product Line Manager Andrew Bates, HostBridge CEO Russ Teubner show how CICS and HostBridge improve service agility, operational efficiency, cloud capability. Watch now!


Visit the IBM® Enterprise Conference YouTube page for keynotes and other presentations and highlights from the October Enterprise2014 conference. Watch here!


IBM Podcast – Cloud, DevOps, and Policies

Nick Garrod talks with Matthew Webster about DevOps and what it’s all about in CICS V5.2 – using Threshold Policy capabilities in the latest CICS TS Update. Listen now!