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IBM & HostBridge: Recorded Webcast

CICS TS V5, HostBridge v6: Service agility, operational efficiency, web/cloud capabilities.

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100% zIIP-Eligible Integration/SOA

With HostBridge for zIIP, zIIP-enable all HB processes & workloads.

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New Life for Old Insurance Apps

LIFE-COMM & other tough CICS apps become new dynamic apps with HB JavaScript services.

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Socket Processing Reduced by 45%

High-volume CICS Socket apps? Maxing MIPS? Try HB Socket Support.

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Build integration bridges from CICS & System z to...


Integrator & Reseller Partners

Through our global network of leading integrators and resellers, HostBridge is able to deliver the most comprehensive mainframe integration and optimization solutions to customers everywhere.

CICS & HostBridge Recorded Webcast

CICS TS Product Line Manager Andrew Bates, and HostBridge CEO Russ Teubner show how CICS and HostBridge improve service agility, operational efficiency, and cloud capability.

Watch the webcast today!

CICS Integration & Optimization

CEO Russ Teubner shares real customer successes with new HostBridge products - Batch Program Inside CICS (BPIC), HB Socket Support - plus product principles. Tales from the Trenches!

Watch the recorded webcast here!

HostBridge Private Demo

CICS to Web, SOA, cloud, anywhere. Call for your private, personalized demo. Learn how you can use HostBridge to create CICS Web services faster, more flexibly in your environment.

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"Hostbridge has exceeded our expectations by a mile."
AVP IT Insurance Company

"Your last ‘Letter from the Trenches’ was GREAT! I’ve created a Tech Notes folder just for HostBridge content."
Integration Analyst, State Bank

"HostBridge allowed us to rethink our integration as part of a larger SOA. Our Web services meet our tactical objectives, and they’re fully reusable."
AVP IT, Insurance Company

"My team is raving about your responsiveness. In an age when integrity lasts till the next sale, you are head and shoulders above the rest."
CTO, State Department of Transportation

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